View the endowment’s fiscal year returns.

Strategy & Philosophy

The Foundation's investment strategy is to preserve the purchasing power of the endowment that provides a dependable source of income for the University of Oklahoma.

Portfolio Allocation

View the endowment’s broad asset allocation.

Investment Forum

Learn more about the OU Foundation’s investment philosophy and strategy, meet the people behind the investment process, and hear an update on capital markets from the OU Foundation’s consultants and select fund managers.
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University of Oklahoma Foundation Investment Performance

No matter whether the markets are up or down on any given year, the University of Oklahoma Foundation strives to maintain the purchasing power of its endowment.

1 YR Return

7.0% (Benchmark = 6.7%)

3 YR Return

10.3% (Benchmark = 8.9%)

5 YR Return

6.7% (Benchmark = 5.4%)

10 YR Return

9.8% (Benchmark = 8.5%)