Message from the President of the Foundation

Amid all the conversation about endowment and asset size, investment performance, tuition increases and cuts in state funding, it would be easy to get lost in the numbers. As stakeholders, we want you to share in the inner workings of the Foundation, but we never want the "how" of giving to overshadow the "why" of your generosity.

The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage and support charitable giving for the benefit of the University of Oklahoma. Every day we live that mission through conscientious service to the generous donors who support our University.

Below is our commitment to you:

Make giving simple – Whether you make a gift online, write a check, perform a wire transfer or create a bequest, we’re here to help.

Let you know that your gifts matter – Supporting OU is an important expression of your priorities and values. As a transparent organization, we encourage you to play an active role in knowing where your money goes and how it is spent.

Invest and manage your gifts wisely – Our outstanding investment results happen by choice, not chance. Our purpose-driven investment management should give you confidence to establish or enhance endowed funds.

Ultimately, between your generosity and the Foundation’s stewardship of your gifts, the University of Oklahoma will make permanent its aspirations for excellence. Let’s not forget that you are the most important part of that trajectory.

Thank you, as always, for your continuing support.

Guy L. Patton President

The Power of an Endowed Fund - By the Numbers

"The future Oklahoma, the Oklahoma you are going to talk about with your grandchildren, is the Oklahoma our educators and their products, the graduates, are going to build."

Joseph A. Brandt, 6th president of the University of Oklahoma, 1941-1943


Amount of income distributed from a year-old $100,000 endowment


Estimated amount of income distributed from the same endowment 50 years from now


Estimated amount of income distributed from the same endowment 100 years from now


Estimated amount of cumulative income distributed from the same endowment - 2016 to 2116