Common Questions About the University of Oklahoma Foundation

Who decides how my gift will be used?

You do. As a donor to the Foundation, you determine where your money goes and how it will be spent. You may either give to an existing fund or create a new one, working with Foundation staff and/or your legal and financial advisers to accomplish what you want. You may designate your gift to a particular college, department or program. You also may make an unrestricted gift, whereby University officials have the authority to use your gift where the need is greatest.

In either case, it is the Foundation's job to see that your wishes are followed and to keep you informed on the status of your gift or any fund that you establish.

100 percent of the principal of your gift is allocated to the purpose designated by you. None of the principal is used to cover operating costs.

Who sets the fundraising priorities at OU?

The University sets priorities and its Office of University Advancement is responsible for all fundraising activities. The Foundation works in close cooperation with the development officers in these efforts, providing legal, financial, and administrative support in obtaining and managing private funding.

The Office of University Advancement

The Office of University Advancement at the University of Oklahoma is responsible for developing and stewarding relationships, soliciting contributions – in person, by phone, mail or email – and planning donor events. The OU Foundation works closely with our development colleagues in this process. With the Foundation providing donor agreements, along with financial and investment expertise, development officers can focus their efforts solely on generating additional gift revenue that is essential for the growth and success of the University.

Visit the Office of University Advancement Website.

OU Alumni Association

Across the nation and around the world, the OU Alumni Association is promoting the University's interests and bringing the OU family together. The Alumni Association provides members a networking outlet to visit with old friends and to meet other Sooners in their area. Plus, the Alumni Association helps keep alumni informed of campus activities as well as sponsors events, such as watch parties, picnics, special guest speakers, and numerous other fun activities.

Visit the OU Alumni Association Website.

How does the Foundation fulfill its responsibility to be accountable?

When you establish a fund within the Foundation, you establish an agreement which ensures that the Foundation will carry out your wishes. Each donor, to either an existing or new fund, receives a receipt for every donation to that fund. Expenditures are requested by OU staff - in colleges, departments and programs - and subsequently approved by the Foundation. Donors may check the status of their fund at any time by logging into the Donor Portal. The Foundation is audited annually by HoganTaylor, LLP, a major accounting firm.

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