About the University of Oklahoma Foundation

Mission & Overview

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Message from the Foundation President

Foundation president Guy L. Patton held a number of high-level executive positions with Fidelity Investments before 2007, when he became only the third leader in the Foundation's nearly 70-year history.

Foundation Board of Trustees

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation is organized under Oklahoma state law and is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees.

Foundation Staff

Foundation staff includes specialists in accounting, information technology, investments, donor relations, law and publications.


The Foundation is committed to complete transparency and accountability and offers access to IRS filings, forms and other financial information.


The OU Foundation advancement team supports the University’s mission by inspiring philanthropy and building a sense of community among its alumni and friends.

Common Questions about the Foundation

Who decides how my gift will be used? How is my gift managed or invested? Who sets the fundraising priorities for OU?
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University of Oklahoma Foundation - Key Numbers

"Achievement is a word of several meanings - including devotion, a sure sense of direction, integrity, good taste, work, a regard for others, and the capacity to create and respond to values."

George Lynn Cross, 7th president of the University of Oklahoma, 1943-1968


Amount in billions held by the Foundation in total assets


Percent of the endowment that the Foundation makes available each year to OU


Amount in billions distributed by the Foundation to OU since 1944


Amount in billions given by donors to the Foundation since 1944