Financials through fourth quarter released by Foundation

Fall 2013

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The University of Oklahoma Foundation’s financial statements for Fiscal Year 2012/2013 cited total assets of $1,150,852,092 and a total endowment of $782,903,544.

The annual report detailed total revenues of $245,855,245, which includes gifts of cash and property of $143,782,701. Investment income, consisting of dividends, interest, royalties, realized gains and losses from the sale of investments and unrealized gains and losses of the market value of investments securities for the period, was $98,011,521; other income totaled $4,061,023.

Expenditures to benefit the University for the period were $102,981,077, of which facilities and equipment accounted for $28,714,287. General educational assistance and salary supplements were $58,977,914. Student scholarships and awards totaled $14,750,898, and faculty awards were $537,978.

Foundation operating expenses for the period totaled $4,420,744 and depreciation expense was $182,562.