Foundation releases

Winter 2013

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The financial statement as of the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2013 cited total assets of $1,125,785,752 and a total endowment of $733,109,462. The quarterly report detailed total revenues of $114,301,791, which includes gifts of cash and property of $88,203,931.

Investment income, including dividends, interest, royalties, realized gains from the sale of investments and unrealized losses of the market value of investments securities for the period was $24,928,404; other income totaled $1,169,456.

Expenditures to benefit the University for the period were $20,503,198, of which facilities and equipment accounted for $1,899,064. General educational assistance and salary supplements were $17,703,589. Student awards totaled $861,135, and faculty awards were $39,410.

Foundation operating expenses totaled $1,066,914; investment fees were $1,214,211, and depreciation was $49,740.