Harriet Harvey Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Description:

The Harriet Harvey Memorial Scholarship honors and memorializes one of the most distinguished persons ever to hold a professorship at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Harvey was a campus favorite among students and faculty. Following her death in 1962 at the age of 43, the scholarship was established with an initial endowment of $20,000 raised by donations from friends and admirers. 

Born in Tarkio, Missouri, December 25, 1919, Dr. Harvey attended high school there and received a B.S. degree from Southwest Missouri State College in 1943. She taught three years at Maryville, Missouri, High School and two years at the University of Chicago Laboratory School before accepting a graduate assistantship and becoming a candidate for the Ph.D. at that university. She received the degree in 1951, and in the fall of that year, Dr. Harvey came to the University of Oklahoma as assistant professor of zoology.

At the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Harvey was an immediate success. In 1954 she received a $500 award for excellence in teaching and counseling. She served the National Science Foundation as an advisory panelist, and her own research was granted generous support by the National Institutes of Health. In 1961, as associate professor, she became chairman of the Zoology Department, the first woman to chair a major science department in the University.

Although primarily an endocrinologist, Dr. Harvey's interests were extensive. She was well informed about music, drama and the arts. As a person she was popular in all circles, and students in all departments sought her counsel, classes and friendship.

Dr. Harvey died unexpectedly in September 1962. She had worked in her office until the last week of her life and concealed her serious illness from most people who knew her.

Application Requirements:

The University of Oklahoma Foundation invites University faculty and staff to nominate a current University of Oklahoma student to be considered for the Harriet Harvey Memorial Scholarship for the 2018-2019 year. 

Either undergraduates or graduates may be nominated, regardless of academic major or financial need. Selection is determined on the basis of demonstrated high scholastic ability and standards of personal conduct, judged by the selection committee to be outstanding and similar to the qualities exemplified by Harriet Harvey. 

Nominated students will be contacted by email to submit additional information. A letter of recommendation describing the student’s personal attributes and activities is required with each nomination. That letter can be provided either to the student or can be sent directly to the Foundation. The deadline for all scholarship requirements is March 2, 2018. Following an initial evaluation of all nominations, the selection committee will choose finalists for a personal interview with the committee to be scheduled near the end of the Spring 2018 semester. Candidates must be able to participate in the interview process to be chosen as a recipient.

Application Deadline: